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We are a family business aspiring to deliver unforgettable culinary experiences to all of you while safeguarding the interest of the generations to come.


We select our products around our passion for quality, natural and fresh ingredients.  

Passion for perfection and attention to the slightest detail make the profile of urban noon, a brand committed to high-quality products and to a customer-centric approach.


We care about sustainability. As parents, we believe our children will have the possibility to witness the beauties of our nature as we can today, we just have to make a change as individuals and as a community. The time for change is now. Using eco-friendly products is the way forward in preserving our endangered ecosystem.


Our approach is to create sustainable products that help the environment without compromising on quality, the beautiful design, or your comfort and will be used for many years to come.



CONVENIENT ONE HAND OPERATION: The high quality salt and pepper grinders are battery operated and incredibly easy to use with their smart one-hand design so you can season your food with just the push of a button. Each mill needs only 4 AA batteries (not included).

ADJUSTABLE AND FUNCTIONAL: These grinders have light to make it easier to add the right amount of pepper or salt to your dish. You can easily adjust the coarseness for perfect grind and seasoning. Bottom caps prevent leakage and create the right humid environment to keep your salt and pepper fresh.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Electric salt and pepper grinders are made of the highest quality stainless steel and BPA-free acrylic glass and have a rustproof ceramic core to ensure smooth and easy grind.

AMAZING GIFT FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE: These elegant sleek grinders are ideal for cooking in the kitchen and grilling BBQ outside and a stylish addition to your kitchen and dinner table.


UNIQUE DESIGN: This one-of-a kind salt and pepper mill set with high quality stainless steel on both bottom and top sections has made it stand-out among the all clear body grinder sets and is never going to break or get rusty. Elegant Stand included.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA: This classy grinder set comes with an amazing Premium Gift-Box, which makes it a luxurious present for every occasion.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Ideal sized salt and pepper shakers are made out of the highest quality brushed stainless steel that is built to last and includes a light acrylic body and a durable ceramic rotor.



Exclusive Gourmet Salt and Pepper Guide eBook.

We created Gourmet Salt & Pepper Guide eBook to show our appreciation for your purchase and to kickstart your journey into the world of gourmet salt and pepper. Inside, you will discover all tips and information you need to get started.



ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE - Our High-Quality crafted Reusable Cotton Mesh Produce bags fulfill your desire for zero waste lifestyle. They are made from superior quality GOTS certified organic cotton, beautifully designed and made to last. These double stitched hem cotton produce bags come with cotton drawstring with a wooden bead and can easily hold all your fruits and veggies. The tare weight on each bag is color-coded by sizes, so the weight of your eco bag can be easily deducted from your purchase

IDEAL COMBINATION TO FULFILL ALL YOUR NEEDS - Size and quantity do matter. We have carefully selected a set of 7 pcs in 4 sizes . The set includes 2 LARGE (12”x 17”), 2 MEDIUM (12”x 14”), 2 SMALL (12”x 8”) and 1 SQUARE (13”x 13”) reusable cotton bag. The unique square bag is ideal for rounded vegetable like lettuce, cabbage and much more. Bags come in plastic-free packaging and will serve you well for years to come

SO MANY DIFFERENT USES - perfect for grocery shopping, farmers market bag, for fruit, vegetables, nuts and bulk food, but they are also great for laundry, toy storage, travel and much, much more. Soft mesh design makes them foldable and lightweight. They are easily washable in cold water with hand or machine

PERFECT GIFT FOR PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT ENVIRONMENT - Our strong & durable organic net zero produce bags are a thoughtful and useful gift for your eco-conscious friends.



SUPERIOR USER EXPERIENCE - Our reusable silicone bags will truly serve you well for years to come. You can fill them with safety and ease, as unlike other bags they are able to stand safely on their own thanks to our sturdy material and wider bottom

SAFETY FIRST - our reusable silicone food bags are made from BPA Free, FDA & SGS approved food-grade premium quality silicon material. They are leakproof, heat, and cold resistant. Wash them safely in a dishwasher or easily by hand. Two additional hook holes will help you to dry and store them

IDEAL COMBINATION - 3 MEDIUM (30oz) and 1 LARGE (50oz) silicone reusable food bag can fulfill all your kitchen needs. The large bag is ideal for storing family-sized food, meal prep, boil-in-bag, whereas the medium bags are best for Baby Food, liquids, fruits, vegetables, snacks, and much more. They are foldable and come in plastic-free packaging

KEEP YOUR FOOD FRESH - You can cook the food and then freeze it, or store it in the fridge, and warm it up in the microwave later - in the same reusable silicone bag, again and again. Best to store liquids and safe to use in microwave, oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, and freezer. Hermetic Ziplock airtight seal extends the life of your food


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